Saturday, 16 June 2012

T minus 7 days.........

This time next week we will be 8 hours in to the walk, and all being well if my foot holds out, I will now be beyond Peel and pretty much in Kirk Michael if not a bit further.

I just sincerely hope that the weather next week is better than today. I've already done a reccy in town and identified 3 or 4 suitable waterproof jackets should the forecast be similar, however according to the BBC website it seems to be picking up towards the end of next week. Metcheck is another website I have used in the past for checking weather and this one does a longer range forecast, this is what it's saying for Saturday and Sunday:

I don't wish to put the mockers on it, but if this forecast turns out to be accurate then the conditions will be perfect and we could be looking at some very good times indeed. The temperature is not too hot, no rain, and very little wind.

By now, hopefully you have all of your kit together, have a list of provisions and have your support team well briefed. As I said last blog, preparation is key, and the last thing you want to be doing is running round last minute panicking and turning up on the day under prepared.

Rich Gerrard did a really good list of essentials in his latest blog so if you've missed it, take a look as this covers off must haves. If you have anything missing, you have plenty of time now to get them, but leave it too long and it will be rushed.

In terms of training, this week should be very gentle, literally focusing on keeping yourself hydrated, and stretched with maybe a couple of leisurely jaunts just to keep the dust off. last thing you want is a last minute injury that will stop you lining up at the NSC. I can guarantee that out and about tomorrow you are bound to see people out trying to cram the last minute miles in; don't let yourself get dragged into that as it is too late now. These people are only kidding themselves and do run the risk of injury. If you have put the miles in, then you don't need to do anything this week.

That's it for now, another update in the next couple of days.

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