Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Obsession or Dedication?

Someone said recently that obsession is a word used by lazy people to describe people who are dedicated.

On that basis, I am dedicated to the weekend weather. I know the forecast can (and probably will) change by 8am on Saturday but as I write, it seems to have taken a turn for the worse since my last post. I am fan of the BBC website forecast, as it gives you a breakdown every three hours so you can gauge what will happen when.

Whilst it doesn't look likely to be a repeat of 2008, it certainly won't be a scorcher like 2010 or 2011, but I would still suggest packing for any eventuality, and sun cream should be a must have just in case.

I'm actually quite bored this week, I don't want to do any training in case I do myself any damage, so I'm just sitting around twiddling my thumbs. Stretching is a good idea as it keeps you supple and will help you on the day.

I had a last session with John Barton tonight, so that's 3 in all, and although my foot has been giving me a little bit of cause for concern this week, it actually feels great tonight. Maybe that's because any pain is masked by the ache from my calves after he gave them a right good going over. The left calf was very tight which is a likely by product of the injured heel, and by becoming tight, was pulling on the achilles thus stretching the damaged fibres - a bit of a viscious circle if you like.

So by loosening up the calf, this should reduce the demand on the achilles, and in turn letting the heel fibres have a rest. All being well, everything will settle back down over the next 48 hours and we'll be good to go. Regardless of how it feels Saturday morning, I'll be lining up and giving it a bloody good go.

All bar 1 of my gang of support drivers are briefed, and I'm heading off to the Cat shortly to meet Brian to discuss late night tactics etc. He has volunteered to do the graveyard shift because Caroline is aiming to get to Peel this year, and when she does, chances are she won't be in the best frame of mind to jump in the car and come out on the support trail.

Kit is ready (including my new waterproof jacket purchased today), supplies purchased so I am itching to get going.

Sign on starts tomorrow (Thursday) at 5.30pm at the NSC track until 8.30pm and then again at the same time on Friday. I'll more than likely sign on on Friday as Steve P is giving the usual Laxey gang a last minute pep talk tomorrow night about tactics etc, so won't get to both.

I feel a bit sad really as I will now probably do one more post before the big day, and give you my ultimate motivational tune - 50p to the first one who guesses correctly. After that, there will likely be one debrief afterwards and one after the presentation. So after 6 months of regular blogging, within a week it will all be over, and the blog will be consigned to history - thanks to those who have read, followed and commented, and I look forward to seeing some of you on Friday, and hopefully all of you on Saturday !!


  1. eye of the tiger????
    Good luck matey, glad the foot is going to be right for you, signing on tonight so will catch you Saturday / Sunday at some point, good luck and your blog has been both helpful, inspirational - wish you all the luck for the weekend - Keep Right On!!! :)

  2. Hi mate, if only you'd said to me when I saw you before you'd posted this message I could have given you the 50p then !!!!

    I'm glad you've found the blog useful, I wish you and your brother the very best of British (or should that be Manx???) for Saturday. Undoubtedly our paths will cross somewhere along the route.

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  4. Ha ha brilliant, Ive never won a competition before!!! :0 Although you should be changing it to - Raindrops keep falling on my head!!
    Cheers (couldnt spell on the removed comment!! :)