Thursday, 21 June 2012

How rumours start

Just a quick impromptu post.

I've just been checking out the 'Live Tracking' site and it got me thinking. The Island is a small place anyway, but with those things on board, you ain't getting away with anything.

I'm not a stalker by any stretch of the imagination (honest your honour), but for example, I can see Richard Gerrard must be in the vicinity of his house, and Alex Brindley is obviously out doing his last tapering walk as he is currenlty heading along the main road towards Union Mills. Looks like he's going at a decent pace too.

Interestingly however, it initially appeared that Jane Foster and Matt Fletcher were together. Now although I don't know either of these guys (apart from Jane has been following my blog pretty much from the word go) I immediately thought that they must be friends, or even a couple to be in the same place at the same time. They may be, and my theory is about to be blown out of the water, but after reading Richard's blog the other day he said he had to drop his tracker back to ManxTelecom to be charged up, it suddenly dawned on me that Jane and Matt's trackers are obviously sat on someone desk in the Manx Telecom building on Dalton Street, together with TBA whoever that may be.

Finally and most interesting of all, Steve Harvey looks like he's in the middle of the North Sea - perhaps he is doing some last minute wet weather training??

Oh well!

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