Tuesday, 5 June 2012

We have a new Bob

I've just been checking out the entry list and it would appear that the numbers published in the programme have changed slightly.

If you read Richard G's latest post,he mentioned that previous finisher Dave Mackey had been given number 808 despite the fact that he should have actually been given a seeded number because of his previous finish. I think the organisers have picked up on this as Dave is now number 44 according to the entry list. This means then that from number 44 up, everyone's number has increased by 1. I am therefore now number 138 as opposed to 137 as per the programme - bah!

More disappointingly Dave has now lost his nickname Bob which has had me chuckling since I read it!!!

I've not ventured out since Sunday, as I haven't had the opportunity, and the weather tonight is shocking. I was planning on trying 3 miles tonight, but think I'll give it a miss. This week's Wednesday night session has been postponed to Thursday due to prior commitments Steve has, so I'm looking forward to getting up to Baldhoon Road to see how the foot is getting on. It continues to improve on a daily basis, but it is still worryingly tender to the touch so I may make another appointment with John Barton to get the scar tissue broken down unless anyone has any tips????

Unless you have been hiding in a dark cupboard with no outside influence, then you'll be aware that the Olympic Flame graced these shores on Saturday. If you didn't get chance to see it then you missed a treat, the atmosphere was brilliant. I'm not sure of the number of people who actually carried the torch locally, but everyone who did was obviously nominated for various reasons. One of those people was 6 time Parish Walk finisher Angie Aire who I had the pleasure of working with between 2005 and 2008, and I can't think of anyone more deserving than her to be given the opportunity of carrying the torch. Here is a pic of Angie at the bottom of Summerhill. It doesn't look like she's enjoying herself at all does it.....?

Enough for now, the rain has subsided so I think I'll do that 3 miles after all.

For the rest of you, you should now be tapering. If you have done sufficient training it will now be in the bank, and all you will succeed in doing by continuing to push it will wear yoursefl out leaving you knackered for the big day. Short walks just to keep the legs turning are what it's all about now.

18 days and counting.....

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